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Industrial Services

CGL Offers

Industrial clients a complete range of metals supervision services.

Our network of partners around the world enables us to provide confidential and value-adding solutions to our industrial clients.

Our tailored industrial products and services include precious metal trading, refining and recovery services, and manufacturing of precious metals and solutions for industrial purposes.

Credence Gold Limited

Our Products

We maintain our high standards by rigorously following a compliance procedure that includes the use of third-party due diligence service providers.

Minted Bars

Customers can store physical gold and silver easily by using minted bars...

Casted Bars

CGL’s gold bars are accredited and accepted by the regulator's standards...

Custom-made Design

We can transform your idea or project into a one-of-a kind work of art ...

Industrial Services

CGL offers industrial clients a complete range of metals supervision services...

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Credence Gold Limited